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Selecting our specialized equipment was a challenge because I work standing up, and being tall, would often hit my head on the dental light. A trip to the A-dec factory in Oregon provided the solution: raise the ceilings and mount the light and x-ray units to accommodate the working position. One of the installers put up a clever sign more frequently seen at a midway, "You must be at least 6 feet tall to use this equipment!".

The facility has a private relaxation room where the patient is sedated in a comfortable recliner before surgical procedures. The room is dimly lit and peaceful music is played to help the patient relax.

The two operating theatres (Thomson and Harris) are designed to provide excellent ergonomics and to maximize patient comfort. The size of the room conveys openness, while the soft music from a private sound system relaxes the senses and ultimately minimize stress for the patient.

When used for teaching, as many as 10 students can be present in the room during the surgery and procedures can be telecast into the adjoining classroom.